Writing a newspaper headline bloopers

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20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes

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Top 35 Bloopers and Foibles in Ghanaian Journalism

Nothing is more hilarious than a newspaper butchering an official sounding headline like these 25 Most WTF Newspaper Headlines. Press Bloopers This blog attempts to browse through newspapers, mostly Indian newspapers and news websites and look into the mistakes carried by them.

It is not my intention to defame any person or organisation, but is a genuine attempt to show 'how not to write'. The Complete Listing of Church Bulletin Bloopers, jokes, cartoons, quotes, funnies, stories, sayings, humor, links, smileys, crossdaily Proverbs A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like A Medicine Enjoy the following bloopers from church bulletins.

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Headlinese is an abbreviated form of news writing style used in newspaper headlines. Because space is limited, headlines are written in a compressed telegraphic style .

Writing a newspaper headline bloopers
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