Writing a focus question

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Writing process

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Information for authors

Edit Article How to Have Beautiful Writing. In this Article: Article Summary Improving Your Basic Penmanship Writing More Beautiful Cursive Learning Basic Calligraphy Community Q&A Handwriting can seem like an ancient relic in our modern world; some even claim that teaching cursive writing in schools is “obsolete” and a “waste of time.”.

The teacher needs to help focus the teaching and learning, and the driving question help with that. It also captures and communicates the purpose of the project in a succinct question. When reading the driving question, the teacher and student should be clear on what the overall project is as well as its purpose.

English Language Arts Standards» Introduction» Students Who are College and Career Ready in Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, & Language. I found this book to be pretty useful. What I love about it is that there are prompt across various essay types (persuasive, narrative, etc.) and that there is a rubric to gauge or identify a student's success for that type of prompt.

Narrowing a Topic and Developing a Research Question Reference Sources Reference sources are a great place to begin your research.

They provide: George Mason University Writing Center. (). How to write a research question. add focus with a research question.

Writing a focus question
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Sample Questions for Focus Groups That Spark Discussion