Wco world customs organization

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World Customs Organization Adopts Criteria for

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World Customs Organization

WCO implementing the WTO TFA. This part of the WCO website will bring you all relevant information regarding the implementation of the TFA and provide Members with guidance on how to implement it.

The World Customs Organization (WCO), established in as the Customs Co-operation Council (CCC) is an independent intergovernmental body whose mission is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs administrations. Benefits.

World Customs Organization

Whether you run a business, work for a company or government, or want to know how standards contribute to products and services that you use, you'll find it here. WCO implementing the WTO TFA. This part of the WCO website will bring you all relevant information regarding the implementation of the TFA and provide Members with guidance on how to implement it.

WORK WITH OTHER INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS. The WTO and World Customs Organization. The WTO and WCO cooperate on a number of subject areas, including market access, Information Technology Agreement (ITA), customs valuation, rules of origin and trade facilitation.

World Customs Organization

World Customs Organization (WCO) Explained The World Customs Organisation (WCO) is an independent intergovernmental body that serves as the voice of the customs community. It was set up to make customs administrations around the world more efficient, coordinated and effective.

WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION Wco world customs organization
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